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What if Age of Superannuation be increased From 60 plus…?

The government raised the retirement age of doctors to 65 years. Doctors anyway continue to practice till the last leg of their life but from government’s perspective, it may wanted to retain the talent pool in Health Service. It’s a growing concern for the government as more than 28 per cent of the central government employees are above 50 years of age. This implies that not only the government w...


Wrote by T Muralidharan, An Expert’s Guide to Your First Right Job —  highlights the significance of knowing one’s identity, finding the right business, picking the right first manager and other such essential choices identified with one’s profession. The right first occupation Numerous effective experts have experienced a stage when they have addressed themselves – Am I in the r...

Contract Labour Management

Contract labour is a significant and growing form of employment. It exists in almost every sphere of the employment, industries, allied operations and also prevalent in the service sector. It generally refers to workers engaged by a contractor for other organisation. The exploitation of contract labour in employment is one the biggest concern of the government as the contract labour have little ba...

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