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Appriciation- A Tool of Motivation

Appriciation- A Tool of Motivation

 “You don’t build a Business, You build people and then people build the business”

                                                                                                   – Zig Ziglar

Such a nice thought of the Zig Ziglar, is it possible that people build business?

Yes, It is possible. Now days it is very common thought and we all are aware of it. Today I would like to discuss with you about the Motivation of Employee. How can we motivate employees?? By rewarding from money?? No. Money is not only a tool for motivation. The best moment of any person’s life is when he/she get appreciated. Being an Entrepreneur, Maximum result and productivity is expected from their people each time and every time. But somehow, they forget that they expecting this from their Men not from Machine, although machine also need maintenance after some decided time. Same as the machine, Men (Human Being) also want some attention and special treatment. Sometime entrepreneur doesn’t understand value of small appraisal. They only focus on what work is pending and even not bother about what Good is happening.

Your people build your business when they are Happy and they get happy when they will be Appreciated. Appreciation of their work between the team get the employee motivated and happy and then they produce good result and a productive day in the organization.

But being a human being most of the entrepreneurs or Leaders can’t recognize the need of the appreciation. They don’t have the Habit of it. And then vis a vis they won’t be able to pass on the same. And the circle goes on. And in this all the organization suffers a lot, not get and kind of expected result or productivity for people. A small moment of appreciation will make a large difference in the working pattern of the employee and their thought process.

Entrepreneur will get Best result by doing just develop a habit of appreciate any one who is doing anything good at the same time. No matter how big or small but It creates a great difference in the organization and make a productive and Interactive atmosphere. It doesn’t mean that They don’t give their opinion or suggestions to their team members but Just first appreciate their work and then say that” You are doing this very well but It could be better if you do this….” This just a way and just an example.

I wish Win Win situation for both entrepreneur as well as employees. I suggest that please try this once and see the difference in your people and in you also.

All the Best for getting More Result oriented Team and Dear Employees for you Do your best and you will get the best.

shared by Ms. Hetal Solanki – our group member

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