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Innovation/Disruption – Railways to earn

Innovation/Disruption – Railways to earn

“The basic principle on which any commercial establishment is to be run is that consumers must pay for the services they receive,” Finance Minister Shri Arun Jaitly said recently.

The Indian Railways is currently looking at mounting losses mainly due to subsidized fare that we all enjoy. How long this would last is the major question we all have to wait for answer. Such dilemma prevails where Organization is caught in the war where populism prevailed over Performance.

The platform initiative shows, it’s heartening to see that the Railways is looking at other sources of income before passing the buck to the customers.

Indian railways are place for scenes of great passion. Various movies have stories around railway stations be it Pakeezah, or DDLJ or Chennai Express etc.

Taking from such a great scenes in the Bollywood or Hollywood, Railway is deciding to give people screen their own passion/ story. In a bid to earn extra revenue from unconventional sources, the Railways let the people hold wedding receptions on its platforms. It will become soon the reality.

Railways hope to earn during wedding season June, September, October or December. They will be letting only those platforms which are relatively less crowded. Even in recent past Railways also decided to let startups set up their offices on the platforms/Stations. Hence Railway is aggressively looking for various opportunities to monetize the huge property unused or underused. We all know few years now Railways using commercial advertisements on Railways coaches to generate huge revenue.

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